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jovyan って誰?

  • jovyan は Jupyter コミュニティメンバーの代名詞
  • 木星の」「神の」「堂々とした」などの意味を持つローマ神話用語 jovian から転じて名付けられた


jupyter の docker イメージとか jupyter 関連のツールを使っているとよく目にする jovyan って誰だろう? 

jupyter を使うようになってしばらく経つけども,そもそも人の名前なのか別の意味を持つ英単語なのかさえ知らない.


Community — Jupyter Documentation 4.1.1 alpha documentation

You may see the word Jovyan used in Jupyter tools (such as the user ID in the Jupyter Docker stacks or referenced in conversations. But what is a Jovyan?

In astronomical terms, the word “Jovian” means “like Jupiter”. It describes several planets that share Jupiter-like properties.

Much like the planet Jupiter and our solar system, the Jupyter community is large, distributed, and nebulous. We like to use the word Jovyan to describe members of this community. Jovyans are fellow open enthusiasts that use, develop, promote, teach, learn, and otherwise enjoy tools in Jupyter’s orbit. They make up the Jupyter community. If you’re not sure whether you’re a Jovyan, you probably are :-)